Pierre Poilievre Proposes Changing Canada’s Official Currency to Decentralized ‘Runescape Gold’

Speaking in London, Ontario, Poilievre insisted on the importance of decentralizing the power of central banks in favour of currency from Jagex’s hit MMO

Pierre Poilievre promises to “unleash” the potential of virtual currency like Runescape Gold if he becomes prime minister, and make Canada “the Runescape capital of the world.”

Speaking in London, Ont., Poilievre, who is campaigning to become the next federal Conservative leader, said he intended to simplify and streamline rules and taxes to make it easier for Canadians to farm Vorkath instead of working traditional jobs. He insisted on the importance of decentralizing the power of central banks in favour of “max cash stacks”.

“A Poilievre government would welcome this new, decentralized, bottom-up economy and allow people to take control of their money from bankers and politicians. It would expand choice and lower the costs of valuable late-game gear, and create thousands of jobs for Runescape raiders, botters, and fashionscapers.

If elected prime minister, Poilievre would not only keep Runescape Gold legal in Canada, but would also work with provinces on a voluntary basis “to align rules and definitions across jurisdictions to make it easy for real-world trading companies to operate across Canadian jurisdictions at the same time without a cobweb of contradictory rules”.

His announcement on Monday was music to the ears of people in the Varrock Grand Exchange who are hoping to see a national and more cohesive framework across all 10 provinces in Canada in order to attract investors and new talent.

“I think it’s very positive. I like the approach that he’s taking. I think that he highlights some of the issues that have occurred in Canada domestically, but also internationally in other jurisdictions,” said Xx DragonCl4ws xX, a Runescape player who was found outside Lumbridge trying to buy a gf for 20,000gp and a set of full Rune armour.

“The fact that what is called Runescape GP has now moved up and is getting the kind of attention now from someone like Pierre to actually make change and craft legislation that fits this new economy, I think that’s very exciting.”

Alberta has already announced its intention of becoming a Canadian Runsecape GP farming hub. But the different securities regulators in the provinces makes it difficult for businesses to flourish or attract new talent, stressed Zezima_H8er, a well-known face around World 308.

“It’s been very cloudy, and it’s time for the country to figure out how we are going to coordinate across all the provinces’ frameworks so that these businesses can flourish here, otherwise, they’re just going to go back to Venezuela,” said Zezima_H8er.


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